What began for Brian Ragsdale as a search for a better brand of holster, soon became a learning experience in craftsmanship. With high standards, Brian set out to create a holster which would meet his own demand for comfort and quality. In May of 2008, Brian decided to uncage his workmanship, and Ragsdale Holsters was born.

In 2014, Brian Ragsdale partnered with Brian Fitzgerald to help with operations and production. At the end of 2016, Brian Fitzgerald became full owner of Ragsdale Holsters, continuing the same quality and designs as originally blossomed by Brian Ragsdale.

From idea to conception, each holster has been developed, each process has been fine-tuned, and each design has been modified. Allowing each and every model to be perfected. 

Ragsdale Holsters are completely made by hand, from cutting the patterns to the last coat of wax sealer. Every holster is built individually, which makes for a unique, handcrafted, high quality product. 


Ragsdale Holsters provides a lifetime warranty on all holsters. Yes, you read it correctly... LIFETIME WARRANTY. We will repair or replace your holster if failure occurs in any way under normal use.


By purchasing from Ragsdale Holsters, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

The consumer assumes any and all risk associated with the purchase and use of all Ragsdale Holsters products.

Ragsdale Holsters products are intended for use ONLY with the specific model firearm for which they were originally made. DO NOT use ANY Ragsdale Holsters product in conjunction with any other firearm or accessory. Ragsdale Holsters products are intended for use ONLY with stock firearms as configured by their original manufacturer. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.