1. The correct leather is hand picked to minimize the amount of defects in the natural hide
  2. The type of holster and the handedness is determined and the leather is cut out by hand
  3. The leather edge is beveled
  4. The leather is then dyed to the requested color
  5. Hardware is then installed
  6. The two sides are then glued together for added strength
  7. The sides of the leather are then sanded to get an even smooth fit
  8. They are then stitched together
  9. Once the holster is stitched the mold of the gun is inserted along with the 5 extra rounds in the ammo pouch, the leather is then wet and the leather is hand molded around the gun.
  10. After the gun is molded the edges of the leather are burnished to make a glass like finish on the edges, the edges are sealed and waterproofed with natural beeswax
  11. The holster is then weatherproofed with a leather wax finish that is melted into the leather for a life long weatherproof